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No Puppies at the moment.


One of the puppies I bred in the pic below is a Qualified Pets As Therapy dog, I also have another one being trained as one at the moment.



Here are photos of our puppies and their parents.

The father of the puppies is involved in the upbringing of his puppies, from the time of mating and through to the whelping they keep very close to the mothers.

The idea started when Lord Rowan and Lady Flanna had their first litter, he never left her side and he only slept through one puppy being born and there were 12 of them.

The whole family of Irish  in our house is involved with each litter, they are so gentle with the puppies and the fathers spend alot of time with their puppies once they are old enough to venture outside, which is usually when the puppies are around 5 weeks old. So by the time they go to their new homes they have been very well socialized.

All our puppies that go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age become part of an extended family, as I like to keep in close contact with the new owners and have updates and get lots of pictures of them as they grow. I am always available to my new owners if they need to contact me. So I hope you enjoy looking at my puppy pics and feel free to look at the pedigrees and please sign my guest book.


Riley his first day at his new home
Riley asleep with a Lorrikeet watching over him
Flame and her babies born 18th Jan 2009
Flame a great Mum
Babies feeding
Flame and her babies
Storm and Flame and their babies
HRH Flame and a close up of some of her babies
Lady Neala and her 4 babies
Sir Dublin and HRH Flame and their babies
Lady Neala and HRH Flame with teir new babies
Flame and her babies



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